Empowering Equity in Web3

Our mission is to increase the participation in Web3 of people traditionally underrepresented in technology through educating, amplifying activities and projects, and promoting policies that create more diverse and inclusive activities in the blockchain. Our vision is a diverse, equitable, and inclusive Web3 ecosystem where people from all backgrounds have access to the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to build decentralized technologies and participate fully in shaping the future of the internet.

Partnerships & Grants

We identify and provide support to Web3 projects, protocols, and companies founded by members of underrepresented communities to initiate collaborative partnerships supporting business development for autonomy, growth, and social good.


We foster connections and mentor relationships at key conferences and events while providing scholarships and creating partnerships with established Web3 organizations addressing the educational and onboarding needs of underrepresented populations.

Policy Advocacy

We enable Web3 innovation by advocating for regulatory clarity with a focus on ensuring that the underrepresented and underserved people in our communities have a voice as these technologies develop.

Event Sponsorship

As part of our education focus area, Storj Institute funds a few select events in the Web3 space with a focus on supporting our mission of accelerating the growth and education of underrepresented people in technology in the Web3 space.

Project spotlight


In July 2022, Storj Institute hosted a collaboration of blockchain technology leaders in an effort to bridge the Web3 onboarding gap for BIPOC business owners, creators, and communities. This inaugural event prioritized training and education in Web3, access to a cooperative network of people and resources, and amplification of projects.

Attendees continued their connections post-event and a few joined together and created a project called "The Webolution Podcast".

The Blockchain Association and Wilson Center

Storj Institute is excited to partner with the Wilson Center, having a seat on its Digital Assets Working Group and providing an important voice for disadvantaged communities who are typically left behind when new technology emerges. In September 2022, Storj Institute became a member of the Blockchain Association whose goal is to improve the public policy environment so that blockchain networks can thrive in the United States.

Art Culture & Web3

Storj Institute hosted an event during BitBasel at Art Basel's annual Miami Art Week. The event name highlights the intersection of art and Web3. The event featured NFT art, a panel with experts in that nexus, and a Founders Live pitch competition showcasing Web3 entrepreneurs.

Sponsorship spotlight

Web3 MSP

In May 2022, Katherine Johnson, President of the Storj Institute Board participated in a panel at WEB3 MSP, a mini-conference that took place during VeeCon weekend showcasing MSP-based brands, artists, influencers and leaders in the Web3 space. This year’s theme was “Digital Equity,” how MSP leaders are using Web3 to create opportunities and increase equity in underserved communities across the country.

Web3 MSP

Fintech BLK Decoded 2022

Storj Institute is excited to partner with Bond & Play at their Fintech BLK Decoded event. 4 Days of speakers, masterclasses, conversations & excitement held 11/30 - 12/2, 2022 at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship in Atlanta, Georgia. Sessions at this four day event were designed to power a world class FinTech education curriculum, address the under-representation of Black students in FinTech, and drive new career pathways, start-up culture and a diverse and inclusive tech industry. Fintech BLK Decoded

Black Blockchain Summit

Storj Institute sponsored this 5th annual summit which brought together blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and thinkers to discuss a myriad of key challenges facing Black communities around the world, and find innovative and lasting solutions that disrupt the unsustainable status-quo.

Black Blockchain Summit

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