The Internet is Evolving

The internet is evolving towards decentralization. Users will control their identities with cryptographic keys, eliminating central databases. This shift promises enhanced privacy, security, and personal data autonomy.

Storj Institute: A Year in Review

In 2023, the Storj Institute made significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion in the Web3 space. Key achievements include distributing innovative grants, launching a new blog, and hosting the impactful "Culture. Code. Humanity" event. Looking ahead, we're excited to further these efforts in 2024.

Cuture. Code. Humanity.

Storj Institute sponsored "Culture. Code. Humanity", a thought-provoking event whose mission was to address key questions about the future of AI and other digital and Web3 technologies.

Exploring Careers in Web3

Web3 welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds, promoting inclusivity across the board. Research indicates that companies with greater diversity outperform their counterparts..

Culture. Code. Humanity

Storj Institute sponsors Culture. Code. Humanity. Join us from Nov 13-15 at Georgia State University or online. Dive into culture, code, and humanity with top-tier speakers, innovative sessions, and exclusive experiences. Shape your future and unlock potential.