Storj Institute: A Year in Review

In 2023, the Storj Institute made significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion in the Web3 space. Key achievements include distributing innovative grants, launching a new blog, and hosting the impactful "Culture. Code. Humanity" event. Looking ahead, we're excited to further these efforts in 2024.

Storj Institute: A Year in Review - 2023

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Web3

As we wrap up 2023, we at the Storj Institute reflect on a year of meaningful progress and impactful initiatives. Our journey this year has been marked by dedication and a strategic approach to promote diversity and inclusivity in the Web3 ecosystem. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our accomplishments and set our sights on an even more vibrant future.

Key Milestones of 2023

  • Distributed Three 2022 Grants: We distributed and followed the progress of three grants to innovative projects that aligned with our mission. These grants empowered creators and thinkers from underrepresented communities, providing them with the resources needed to bring their ideas to life.

  • Inaugural Board Meeting: Our first-ever board meeting marked a significant step in our governance and strategic planning, laying the groundwork for the future.

  • New Blog Launch: Our blog, a hub for sharing our initiatives and achievements, has become a key resource for those interested in Web3 diversity. View full blog here.

  • Interview Series Initiation: The Storj Institute Interview Series highlights voices and stories from the Web3 space, fostering a community of learning and inspiration. Here.

  • Completion of Key Tax Filings: Our successful filing with the IRS for exempt status is a milestone in our organizational maturity and transparency.

Highlight Event: Culture. Code. Humanity.

In November, we sponsored the “Culture. Code. Humanity” event, a convergence of minds and ideas aimed at shaping the future of AI and Web3 technologies. This event focused on:

  1. Promoting Equitable Advancements: Ensuring that AI and digital technologies benefit a diverse range of humanity.
  2. Amplifying Diverse Voices: Providing a platform for experts from varied backgrounds to influence mainstream discussions.
  3. Implementing Inclusion in Action: Moving from talk to tangible actions in collaboration and inclusive engagement.

With a lineup of inspiring speakers and panelists, the event left an indelible mark on attendees, strengthening our commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the digital age. Read more about this event here.

Looking Ahead

As we move into 2024, our focus remains steadfast: to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Web3 ecosystem. We believe in the power of technology as a force for good, one that embraces and celebrates the richness of human diversity. Our upcoming year is poised to be a transformative one, with a strategic expansion into a series of satellite events designed to complement major Web3 conferences. This approach will not only give us greater exposure but will also allow us to create targeted experiences with a deliberate focus on inclusion. Join us as we continue this exciting journey, shaping the future of the internet for everyone, everywhere, ensuring every voice has the opportunity to be heard, and every idea the chance to be shared.

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