Musa Ogunyemi: Blockchain Confidentiality

Musa Ogunyemi is a PhD dissertation student exploring the decentralized space, with a primary focus on blockchain confidentiality and using machine learning for transaction monitoring.

Web3 Founders & Builders Interview Series: A Dive into Blockchain Confidentiality with Musa Ogunyemi

Hello, Web3 enthusiasts! 💡 In our ongoing interview series, we had the pleasure of hosting Musa Ogunyemi, a doctoral candidate at Saint Mary’s College of California. Musa’s research is pushing the boundaries in the decentralized world, particularly in the realm of blockchain confidentiality. As we strive to promote diversity in Web3, it’s essential to share insights from bright minds like Musa.

Join our very own Director of Community and Marketing, Christine Lewis, as she delves deep into Musa’s work and what it means for the future of blockchain.

🔍 Quick Glimpse:

  • 🎓 Guest: Musa Ogunyemi, Doctoral Candidate at Saint Mary’s College of California
  • 📜 Dissertation Topic: Transaction Monitoring and Enforcing Confidentiality On Blockchain Transactions
  • 🗣️ Interviewed by: Christine Lewis, Director of Community and Marketing, Storj Institute

Key Takeaways from the Interview:

1️⃣ Dissertation Focus: Musa is exploring how to enforce confidentiality on blockchain transactions and how to monitor confidential data using machine learning.

2️⃣ Inspiration Behind the Research: Musa is deeply inspired by the challenges faced by land ownership administration in Nigeria. He envisions using smart contracts to alleviate these problems, which he says will unlock significant economic potential.

3️⃣ Web3 & Financial Inclusion: Blockchain promotes financial inclusion, making it accessible to everyone regardless of background. Musa emphasizes the revolutionary impact of blockchain in creating opportunities for everyone.

4️⃣ Supporting Diversity in Web3: To encourage more diversity in Web3, Musa believes in showcasing relevant use-cases. For example, demonstrating the value proposition of blockchain in the entertainment industry can attract more people of color.

5️⃣ The Future of Blockchain: Musa envisions a future where the functionalities of blockchain technologies become so integrated that users benefit from them without even realizing they’re using blockchain.

A Personal Note from Christine: The beauty of our Web3 Founders & Builders Interview Series lies in the rich diversity of perspectives we gain. Musa’s insights are a testament to the limitless potential Web3 holds, especially when viewed through the lens of inclusivity and social impact.

To gain a deeper understanding of Musa’s work and the future of blockchain, check out the full interview here.

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