Webolution 2022

Storj Institute hosted and sponsored a beautiful and inspiring event held in Howard Lake, MN for a consortium of talented and aspiring Web3 innovators. The packed one-day event focused on education, lasting personal & professional connections, and wellness.

Storj Institute's Webolution Event Brings Web3 Education to Howard Lake, Minnesota

We are planning for the next Webolution!

Read on for a summary of the first Webolution and stay tuned as we plan for the next. If you are interested in supporting plans for the next Webolution through funding or volunteering time or talent, contact us: institute@storj.io

On July 29, 2022, Storj Institute hosted its inaugural event called The Webolution in Howard Lake, Minnesota. Set in a serene and picturesque lakeside environment, the gathering brought together 50 individuals from various industries, verticals, roles, and levels to bridge the Web3 gap for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) business owners and creators. We recognize that a barrier to participating in Web3 may be lack of a support network or connections with other BIPOC founders and innovators. Webolution helped bridge that gap.

The all-day immersive event, running from 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM, focused on providing all-levels of Web3 education, aimed at making participants comfortable and confident in the Web3 space. Through a combination of informational and implementation-driven sessions, attendees learned about the decentralized economy and gained the necessary expertise to navigate, create, educate, and implement skills in support of greater participation in Web3.

To emphasize the importance of wellness as a key aspect of the event, the day began with a rejuvenating yoga and meditation session guided by Christine Lewis, The Yoga Boss, allowing participants to find balance and mindfulness before delving into the educational and collaborative activities of the Webolution.

The morning sessions were information-driven, covering topics such as the impact of the Web3 economy on BIPOC communities, decentralization, and the importance of open access to information and emerging technologies. In the afternoon, the sessions shifted to practical implementation, with hands-on walkthroughs and step-by-step guides for using Web3 tools.


To foster community building and connections, the event organizers capped attendance at 50 and strategically curated the participant list, which included creators, founders, developers, and subject matter experts from various fields like legal, media, and entrepreneurship. Attendees were treated to a calming and immersive sound bath performed by Sensei Shui and WATA, followed by a relaxing dinner, concluding the day’s activities.

Sponsored by Storj Institute and BIPOC-founded companies, the Webolution event aimed to provide BIPOC businesses and individuals with access to a cooperative network of resources and people. Corporate partners demonstrated their commitment to building brand awareness and creating more inclusive opportunities within the Web3 economy by supporting the event.

This inaugural gathering set the tone for Storj Institute’s mission and vision, highlighting the organization’s commitment to bringing Web3 education and resources to underrepresented communities. With the success of the Webolution event, Storj Institute hopes to inspire and empower BIPOC business owners and creators to thrive in the decentralized world of Web3 technologies, digital assets, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Watch a bit of content from the Webolution 2022

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